Strut Your Stuff For MyShoes! Shoe Parties are a great way for you and your friends to have fun whilst raising money for MyShoes!!
Whether you are from
the North, South, East or
West, sixteen or sixty, one
thing women have in common
is a passion for fashionable shoes!

Below are posters,
cocktail and cake recipes and quizzes to create a sensational party! Be sure to tell us how it went. And why not send us your photos too!

See the photos of our very first
MyShoes party here.

Office Parties
Tea Parties

Fundraising Ideas
Fun Posters
Fun Invites

Cake and Bun Recipes
Shoe Cake
Shoe Buns

Cocktail Mixes
Cocktail List
Cocktail Recipes

Shoe Quizzes
These were the hit of our first party! Download one or all of our our shoes quizzes (and the answer sheets to fill in below)

Funky Quiz
Funky Answer Sheet

Sensible Shoe Quiz
Sensible Answer Sheet

Vintage Shoes Quiz
Vintage Answer Sheet

For quiz answers please send a small donation of at least £2 ($4) by clicking here. Then send us an email ( letting us know. Once we receive your email and notice of your donation we will send you the answers by return. Thanks.

All Funds Raised by the MyShoes Campaign to Fight MS go to